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As any homeowner knows, the list of home repairs is never-ending. Just when you finished one thing, something else comes along that needs attention around your home. Our Handyman offers a range of services to improve and maintain your home. We pair our handyman skills with outstanding customer service to create long-standing relationships with our clients.

Check out this handyman to do list to help you Put your list together:

Outdoor Repair - Siding Installation - Painting and wallpaper installation - Installing Tile repair or installation - Drywall repair - Framing Wall - Doorbell installation - Door knobs rekey - Retexturing - Flooring Repairs - Patio and - Deck repairs - Kitchen Repairs - Grout Repairs - Gutter Repairs - Plastering - Windows and Trimming - Mirrors Installation - Tile Repairs - And more...
JDK Paint LLC construction services specialize in delivering high-quality and professional painting solutions for residential and commercial projects.
JDK Paint LLC employs licensed professionals to provide construction services, ensuring industry standards and client satisfaction.
JDK Paint LLC offers a one-year warranty on their construction services, providing coverage for defects and issues related to workmanship and materials.
The warranty does not cover damages caused by external factors beyond JDK Paint LLC's control, such as natural disasters, accidents, or improper maintenance.

We have combined experience, new technologies and foreing skill industry relationships, and family values to build an impressive team with one focus: always striving to give the best for our customers and his satisfactions is our utmost priority.

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